Maw Kitty’s Kitties

kat250-2My love of cats started when I was about 7; my brother brought home a kitten, and we named him or her Puddy…..sad to say Mom had to get rid of Puddy.

So I started rescuing cats when I was in my early 20’s. I first brought home Apple Sauce; she had babies. Their names were Booger; Sgt Pepper and Baby Stubs. I named her Baby Stubs because she was missing a leg, and she was a tough cat. Then I rescued Bangladesh, and well on and on.
Later I had Megalito and Peppito.
When my son Cameron was little he was afraid of animals so we adopted Petey 1 from the Los Angeles Shelter. He lived 18 years. I thought I would wait to get another cat…But, I started looking on line at the SPCA web site and saw beautiful little gray kittens…I love gray cats by the way. So I went to the shelter the kittens had been adopted already, but their mom was still their. The attendant told me that she was going to be killed the next day. So, of course I adopted her, and named her Lucky which she is.
Next we got a Russian Blue a few years later named Petey 2.
Ed and I are parents to these two babies and love every minute of it.

Meow from Maw Kitty